Deborah Tiltman - Open Country

Open Country

33.5cm x 28cm, £155.00 Sometimes things just speak to me either with colour or sounds.  It and been a lovely day with a gentle breeze

Deborah Tiltman - Barn Owl in Flight

Barn Owl in Flight

47cm x 39.5cm, Price on application I have always wanted to see a Barn Owl in flight, but I have never been lucky enough as

Deborah Tiltman - Country River

Country River

37cm x 31.5cm, £155.00 A hidden gem of a quiet spot on the river, just right for a refreshing paddle then drying ones feet with

Deborah Tiltman - Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour

37cm x 47cm, €235.00 Colour I love the bright colours and beauty that autumn brings, then looking through photos again and embroidery silks, this idea

Deborah Tiltman - Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

33.5cm x 28cm, Price on application After a day of painting fabric, when this piece dryed, it seems to take on an appearance of a

Deborah Tiltman - Across The Fields

Across the Fields

32cm x 37cm, £165.00 When ever you go into the countryside you can find a gate to stand and look over , its just a

Deborah Tiltman - Bluebells


32.5cm x 28cm, £150.00 We are so lucky in and round Dorset to get such wonderful displays of bluebells and I can’t resist always taking