Country River

Deborah Tiltman - Country River

37cm x 31.5cm, Price on application

A hidden gem of a quiet spot on the river, just right for a refreshing paddle then drying ones feet with a large hanky.

Other Work

Deborah Tiltman - Water Garden

Water Garden

47cm x 57cm, Price on application After a visit to Monets garden a few years ago and being a great fan of his work.  I

Deborah Tiltman - Distant Fields

Distant Field

43cm x 43cm, SOLD I wanted to use the wet felting to bring out a more wind swept landscape but also a lovely day where

Deborah Tiltman - Coast


43cm x 43cm, Price on application We spent a lovely winters afternoon parked up in Charmouth beach car park, and this is a very loose

Deborah Tiltman - Gorse on the Moor

Gorse on the Moor

43.5cm x 43.5cm, £125.00 After a few days away on the edge of  Dartmoor and getting a little lost in the car, we found ourselves

Deborah Tiltman - Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

28cm x 35.5cm, SOLD I had a lovely photo of a horizon of varring green trees all shapes and sizes and decided how w/o tearful

Deborah Tiltman - Early Light on Water

Early Light on Water

37cm x 31.5cm, £250.00 At certain times of the day and year, the light changes familiar scenes and water in colours that you wouldn’t always