About Deborah


  • I am a Bridport local: born; educated and worked here all my life.
  • I grew up in a family where my mum taught me to knit and sew from an early age.
  • In my younger years sewing was my passion and I embroidered pillowcases and the like.
  • At school I sat O level needlework, but otherwise have no formal art training.

The developing years:

  • My love of sewing led me to broaden my skills into hand-embroidered pictures.
  • All of this was supported and encouraged by my mother who joined me in the creative process. We found that we worked well together.
  • During the ensuing years there were many experiments, which led to some happy accidents and some absolute disasters. The first time we tried to dye some fabric, the outcome was a pile of pieces suitable only as camouflage for an MOD contract. Oh what a laugh we had!
  • We continued to try out our different ideas, and each developed these in our own individual ways.
  • All these experiments led eventually to more successes than failures, and so, some years ago we each exhibited in Dorset Art week for the first time.

My inspiration:

  • I have always enjoyed being in the garden and have a love for flowers. Nature produces no colour clashes. I am not quite that bold with my pictures yet!
  • Visits to stately homes and gardens, offer me inspiration at every turn. Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Monet’s garden, which was stunning. I can’t wait to start a picture featuring the famous lily ponds.
  • I am always taking photos to record shapes and forms, like ponds and trees and the wonderful coast line and countryside surrounding Bridport.

My pictures:

  • The background is created by using chiffon or painted/dyed fabric. Once this is complete, I’ll maybe use a photo, as a guide, in order to hand embroider the main elements.
  • The finished product is what you see today.
  • I hope my pictures will give you a sense of calm and restfulness, and allow you to imagine yourself within the scene strolling along a river bank, or relaxing under a tree, with a good book or glass of wine.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my pictures.
I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen.

Deborah Tiltman - Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers